HackMIT Open Source


Registration, for hackathons!

Quill is HackMIT's hackathon registration portal. For hackers, it's a clean and streamlined interface to submit registration and confirmation information. For hackathon organizers, it's an easy way to manage applications, view registration stats, check-in hackers day-of, and more!

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An extensible, customizable real-time queue system

HELPq was originally built for HackMIT, but has been used at hackathons like Blueprint, Meteor Summer Hackathon 2015, WHACK, MakeMIT and WildHacks (among others!).

It is a real-time help queue and mentor management application, targeted at hackathons and classrooms, where there is a need for issues to be claimed and satisfied within minutes. It includes a simple interface for requesting tickets, claiming tickets, administrating users/mentors, and examining metrics.

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A project expo judging system

Gavel is the judging system used at HackMIT. It incorporates a lot of research on mathematical psychology along with fancy math to produce very fair judging results. It's capable of scaling to large events, being used at HackMIT's 1000-person hackathon.

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"Who is in the office?"

A WiFi-based presence sharing system for specific physical spaces.

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A small Redis-based URL redirector

Redisred is a small Redis-based URL redirector with great Slack integration!

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A Hubot plugin for Redisred

hubot-redisred is the most convenient way to use Redisred.

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A Hubot plugin that expands mentions of groups

hubot-group lets you easily @mention groups of people.

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A configuration management system for Hubot

hubot-conf is a two-part configuration management system for Hubot. It can be used by Hubot script implementors to read configuration values. It can also be used by Hubot users to be able to dynamically set (or override) configuration values through the chat interface.

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A macro system for Hubot

hubot-shortcut lets you create !shortcuts for your Hubot commands.

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The HackMIT splash site

The HackMIT homepage, released under a CC BY-SA license.

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